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Have we really passed the half-way point of the year already? 2013 might be flying by, but it’s worth pausing to take a look at some of the great travel articles and blogs that have turned our heads recently.

  • Best Tips Camping Paris @ SoulTravelers3A stay in Paris needn’t cost you a fortune if you follow the advice of the SoulTravelers3, a family of three from California. They swear that camping’s cheaper than renting a hostel room, and you can even enjoy a view of the Seine!
  • Mother of All Trips – Mothers know a thing or two about saving money on vacation, so it stands to reason to Mother of All Trips has some handy advice all frugal travelers could use. It’s the brainchild of Mara, a mother of two whose children have done nothing to curb her urge to see the world.
  • Saying Goodbye to Seasickness @ SoloFriendly – We love the way cruising makes budgeting easy. But while they’re easy on the finances, as almost everything is included, they can become downright unpleasant if the swell picks up! Find out what Gray Cargill does to curb the nausea in this light-hearted blog post.
  • Isabelle’s Travel Guide – Isabelle has some really useful travel insights on her blog, but it’s her photos that have sealed the deal. From majestic images of Germany’s castles to clear shots of Australia’s most beautiful vistas, this blogger has us hooked.
  • Homage to Hoary Marmots @ Travel Wonders of the World – What better way to end the week than seeing something cute? These gorgeous rodents are regularly spotted on trips through the Rockies and Alaska. Don’t the adorable pictures make you want to pack your bags?
Photo credit: Glenn Fleishman

Photo credit: Glenn Fleishman

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