Australia Activities Guide

A visit to Australia is a must for adrenalin-junkies with so many destinations catering for the wild at heart.

These activities aren’t for sissies, but as all training is provided beginners are welcome to take on the challenge.

As you can imagine, Australia is the ideal holiday spot for water babies, with plenty of aquatic adventure activities on offer.

The Great Barrier Reef is a scuba diver’s paradise and a must-see destination for anyone looking to dive in Australia. A number of diving schools run on The Reef, so beginners can get in on the action. Visit ProDive or Cairns Dive Centre to learn more.

If diving doesn’t suit you, consider snorkeling. Both experiences will get you up close and personal with Australia’s marine life, including tropical fish, coral, reef sharks and dolphins.

Surfing is one Australia’s national past-times, and if you don’t know how there’s no better place to learn. Queensland’s 1770 and Western Australia’s Dunsborough offer plenty of secluded beaches which are ideal for beginners, as well as more challenging breaks for experts.

Canoeing and kayaking are great ways to get up close to Australia’s scenery and wildlife. You could see kangaroos, wombats, sea eagles and more on New South Wales’ Kangaroo River, or sea lions and penguins on Western Australia’s Penguin Island. For a longer kayaking experience, try a trip to Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands. Active Australia offers guided sea-kayak tours, where you could see turtles and other marine animals as you paddle from tropical beach to tropical beach.

Australia isn’t known for its hiking, but there is stunning wilderness to be found here. Experienced hikers will enjoy the challenges of the country’s largest summit, Mt Kosciuszko and Tasmania’s rugged Overland Track. Visit Queensland’s Eungella National Park at dawn for a more subdued hiking experience and chance to see Australia’s platypus in its natural habitat.

Cycling enthusiasts will love Australia’s bike trails. In Victoria, enjoy the sea air as you travel from Port Phillip Bay along the Great Ocean Road. If cross-country riding is more your style, be sure to ride the Munda Biddi trail. This trip through the ancient Jarrah forests is Australia’s premier long off-road track. St. Kilda Cycles in Victoria and Dwellingup Adventures in Western Australia both offer bike hire for tourists looking to tackle the trails.

Horses played an important part in shaping Australia’s history, so it seems fitting to saddle up to enjoy the countryside today. Most tours cater for all ability levels, with guides taking great care to match horses to your experience and personality.

You could trek through the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales with Snowy River Horseback Adventure, or saddle up with the crew at Digger’s Rest Station to see Western Australia’s Kimberley Region. For a truly unique experience, experience farm life on an Australian ranch like Myella Farmstay in rural Queensland. You’ll never know what will happen: you could ride through Myella’s open fields or round up the cattle.

With all this and more, Australia’s sure to get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

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