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Athens Places of Interest

There are many ancient monuments in Athens, but the most well known is the Acropolis. Built in the 5th century by the famous sculptors Iktinos and Kallicrates under the supervision of Fedias, it is the most important monument built during the Golden Age of Pericles.

Next to the hilltop Acropolis there is the new National Archaeological Museum, where visitors can see the exhibits of that era.

Another ancient monument is Theseon, which was actually a temple for the Gods Athena and Hephaestus. It was also set up during the reign of Pericles and it is an excellent sample of the architecture of that era. At cape Sounio, at the south of Attica, there is the temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea. There are also some remains from Athena’s temple that used to be on that place too.

In the center of Athens, Greece, near the Hilton hotel, there is The National Gallery of Greece. At this museum visitors can see paintings and sculptures from years gone by. There are also several noted private museums worth visiting, such as the Benaki Museum, which is an art gallery and the Goulandri Museum. Next to the Polytechnic School of Athens there is the National Archaeological Museum, which is gradually moving into the Acropolis Museum. The Athens Numismatic Museum has a large collection of ancient coins is unique in Greece and the Balkans. Don’t miss it – or any of these spots for that matter!

More Athens Cultural Places to See:

  • The Museum of local art at Plaka area.
  • The Public Gallery at Koumoundourou square.
  • Art (painting, photography and sculpture) at the Park of Art at Eleftherias square
  • The Public Library at Larisa station
  • The Music Library at Epirou 70

Athens Music Restaurants

Athens is renowned for the music culture that is prevalent in almost every place, from small tavernas to restaurants and city night clubs. To find a place to have dinner while listening to Greek music, get a local paper or ask the hotel you are staying at for recommendations. The tourist police can also inform you or get information from the tourist kiosks that can usually be found in every area.

Athens Ground Transportation

There are buses that connect all the places in Attica, as well as the Athens tram that is fast and reliable. However, the metro (underground) is the fastest way to move in the city and avoid congested roads and notorious Athens air pollution. Taxis can be found almost everywhere but travelers should be careful to ask about the fare before they hire a taxi in order to avoid getting overcharged.

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