Costa Rica Eco-Tours

With such a wide array of wildlife and nature it’s no surprise that Costa Rica is a favorite among tourists who are looking for ecotourism adventures.

What makes Costa Rica so popular amongst green travelers however is the difference in how its ecotourism destinations have been managed. With so many third world nations focusing on industrialization and urbanization, many of their natural resources and sources for tourism become destroyed or fall to the wayside. Costa Rica though, has focused on ecotourism to develop its economy. As such, tour operators in Costa Rica, hotels, hostels, restaurants and vacation packages that center on Costa Rica ecotourism have become extremely popular.

This, on top of the beauty, wildlife, beaches, towns, volcanoes and culture that a vacation to Costa Rica offers tourists, makes it difficult to beat when it comes to eco-destinations. Other factors that make it a favorite among travelers from the United States are its proximity, safety and of course – the incredible biodiversity. When you can visit a country that has rainforests, mountain ranges, Indian villages and beaches while enjoying an eco-friendly relationship with your vacation, Costa Rica moves to the top of everyone’s list for green travel. Most of Costa Rica’s eco-vacations combine the adventuresome nature of the Costa Rican countryside with an educational spin on environmentalism.

Because Costa Rica has done so well incorporating ecotourism into its allure for visitors, it is almost impossible to go on a tour through one of Costa Rica’s gorgeous national parks and not hear about its environmental efforts.

Costa Rica’s large push towards environmentalism means a large portion of its natural beauty and terrain has been officially government protected. Since 1963 over 70 protected areas that cover nearly 25% of Costa Rica’s natural territory have been conserved. This has ultimately put a stop to logging industries and moved conservation efforts into an economically beneficial climate for natives. With ecotourism fueling a large portion of the Costa Rican economy, it is an excellent representation of how ecotourism and green travel can both conserve the environment and be beneficial economically. Although capitalism and conservation continue to do battle in unprotected regions of Costa Rica, ecotourism remains a top priority.

So where should you go when you want a green vacation in Costa Rica? The following page offers some excellent trip ideas, resources and hotels for your Costa Rican ecotourism vacation.

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