Australia Customs

On arrival in Australia, you must complete a customs declaration form.

All foods, animal products and plant materials must be either discarded in the bins provided or declared.

If you are unsure about particular items you should declare them, as penalties for bringing banned goods into Australia are harsh.

Travelers with more than $A10 000 must also declare their finances at the airport.

Australian customs officials inspect all declared items before deciding whether they can be brought into the country. Most declare items are returned to their owners. However, anything presenting a disease risk will be withheld. If your goods are withheld you can choose to pay for the item to be treated, store the item for collection once you leave the country, send the item home or have the item destroyed.

A more detailed list of items banned by quarantine is available from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services.

Source: Australian Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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