Things to Do in Cancun

The Mayan ruins are a great archeological attraction for visitors who want to see a piece of ancient history. Here visitors can travel back in time to experience how the indigenous peoples lived millenniums earlier.

Participants in the Jungle Tour race individual two person speedboats through a winding maze of beautiful Cancun lagoon and then snorkel in a picturesque reef. This is a high speed adventure that ends with a peaceful aquatic experience. Visitors will be surrounded by exotic birds and a world away from the bustle of downtown Cancun.

La Patagonia steakhouse restaurant and bar exudes an exotic ambiance of Argentine elegance. The food is delicious and the drinks are well priced. Older individuals will appreciate the casual yet sophisticated atmosphere of this Argentine Steakhouse establishment. Avda. Coba #18. Phone: 884-1860. Hours: 1:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. $10-30

Daddy O is one of the most famous and legendary nightclubs in the modern world. Each night it attracts thousands of visitors. The laser shows, blaring music with state of the art sound system, and CO2 machines are just a few of the attractions. This is especially attractive to the younger party crowd. This is wild nightclub with a maximum capacity of 2,500 people. The architecture and ambience is of a cavern coming up from the bottom of the ocean.

The City is Cancun’s newest and hugest nightclub. As the name implies, this place is a self sufficient enterprise. This place has three floors! Enough said. Beware Tourists.

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