Check out our country guides and travel advice made perfect for vacation planning. If you’re trying to visit Greece, go on a Mexican getaway, take a cruise to Alaska, plan a last minute second honeymoon to Australia or even a trip to South America, then check out FrugalMonkey’s country profiles. FrugalMonkey’s travel guides have up […]

For only $251 each way, you almost can’t afford to miss this amazing deal! If those travel auction websites haven’t found you the deal you’re looking for on your trip to Europe – then look no further. Aer Lingus, one of Ireland’s premier airlines, is now offering amazing discounts on flights coming out of New […]

While many vacations focus on lounging beachside, or involve the luxury of golfing at exotic resorts, there are some people whose idea of a perfect vacation is of a different sort. Overnight backpacking in the mountains, snowshoeing in a light snowfall, windsurfing local lakes, hiking trips, rock climbing excursions, fishing, camping, rafting and outdoors activities […]

Volunteering abroad is an amazing way to improve your resume, meet friends, learn a language and to engage in new experiences. FRUGALMONKEY has an entire section about volunteering abroad. In some cases volunteers need visas and work permits in order to gain college credit or to even be allowed in the country. Additionally, many programs […]

If you’re a wine lover, look no further than Mendoza, Argentina. FRUGALMONKEY has all the information on traveling to wine country in Mendoza including links to some of the best bodegas, or wineries, in Argentina. To find good travel deals to Mendoza, you must first visit either Santiago or Buenos Aires. Travel from these two […]

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