Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is probably the most sophisticated island in Cyclades group, and it is famous for its windmills and nightlife options. It is located in the Aegean Sea between Tenos and Naxos islands, lies in an area of 85.48 square meters and it has a population of roughly 4,900.

The capital is called Mykonos or Hora (4,469 inhabitants) whose characteristic small white painted and cube like houses, churches and windmills offer a sample of Aegean Sea architecture. Something quite unique in the world.

Popular for its non-stop entertainment and shopping, the island has not only got beautiful beaches but also important monuments. The archaeological museum of the island, which is undoubtedly worth visiting, is at the port, and there is the Museum of Delos Island nearby that is also of some significance. Another sight is the monastery of Panagia of Tourliani that was built in the 16th century. In the yard of the monastery there are local folk sculptures and a famous bell tower. There is also a folklore museum located in Kastro, which is a real captain’s house, and the agricultural museum which is at the edge of the town at Apono Mili. Many churches of the island have beautiful meta-Byzantine icons and wooden carved temples. The oldest suburb on the island is ‘Venetia’ which has got characteristic houses built almost on the sea and it reminds many world travelers of Venice, Italy.

According to mythology, the Greek gods Dionysos and Demetra were the protectors of the island, which was named after Mycono, the son of Delos’ king. The inhabitants also worshipped Poseidon and Apollo and have always been known as skillful sailors and ship owners. It was in the mid-50s that Mykonos started becoming a cosmopolitan center. Today, the island is visited by a lot of famous people from all over the world. Mykonos offers entertainment, relaxation, beautiful beaches and ample shopping. Island vacationers can find the best jewelry, clothes, art items, and local products.

The island has hot summers and dry winters like all Cyclades Islands and it is ideal for summer activities such as water sports and swimming. Mykonos is visited by many film stars and other famous people in summer, so it is difficult to find accommodation unless you book in advance.

The most popular souvenir from Mykonos is a model wind mill, either as a refrigerator magnet, a painting, or a postcard. However, Mykonos has lots of art galleries, including some based in Athens. The top jewelry shop in Mykonos is Lalaounis, and for clothes, Yiannis Galantis.

One of the most popular restaurants is Piccolo at Gialo, which promises a tasty journey that will be unforgettable. In Hora, Maria’s Garden offers Greek cuisine at reasonable prices along with live music and dancing. Edem Restaurant has lower prices and is one of the oldest restaurants in Hora, known especially for its variety of lamb dishes and fresh fish.

You’re sure to stay busy and eat well on your Greek Island sojourn to Mykonos.

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