Volunteer Green Vacations

As the world gets wise to the positive impact of green travel and ecotourism, more and more people want to contribute.

What better way to do so than with an ecotourism volunteers vacation?

Volunteer vacations are an excellent way to learn more about green travel and ecotourism while giving back. Besides, we’ve all been on the lay-by-the-pool vacation and giving back is so much more rewarding! There are literally hundreds of opportunities to go on a vacation and give back to a local community or environment. Volunteer vacations, while a relatively new phenomenon are popping up all over the planet, offering people the opportunity to travel, see a new place and give back.

Having a volunteer abroad vacation can mean traveling to Latin America to help local communities with sustainable agriculture, visiting Australia’s coastlines to help clean, working in your own community with Habitat For Humanity, working with the Himalayan Light Foundation, contributing to the Sierra Club or working with marine life to make eroding coastal regions last. There are even volunteer vacations for families and seniors!

Volunteer vacations can last a few days, but are typically structured to last two weeks or more. Because these organizations need focused help at certain times of the year, many of them require that you apply months before hand in order to be approved for the vacation. Some of the work can be fairly labor intensive as well, so making sure that you are signed up for a volunteer vacation that fits your physical abilities is important not only for your health but for the organizations you will be working under. If you are thinking of going on a volunteer vacation to help spread ecotourism and learn more about green travel, check out some of the volunteer organizations listed below!

Volunteer Vacation Links

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