Thessalonica Travel Guide


Transportation in the city is easy as the urban buses offer residents a reliable service all the year round. The terminal of the railway station is on the west area of the city and it is the fastest way to reach other Greek towns while enjoying the view. There is the international airport of Macedonia where there are daily flights to most destinations. Also, boats from Thermaikos reach most islands on the Aegean Sea.

Accommodations in Thessalonica

Most types of lodging in Thessalonica have been recently upgraded and fall into the following categories:

  • Hotels
  • Rooms to rent
  • Campsites
  • Youth hostels


Hotels in Thessalonica are located both in the center of the city and at the outskirts. Bigger hotels are outside the capital and most of them are luxurious resorts and spas. There are cheap hotels in the old part of the city that are within easy reach of the monuments and the market.

Holiday Inn is a popular hotel in the city center while Capsis Hotel is a good option for those who wish to stay in a high end luxury environment. Panorama Hotel is 11 kilometers from Thessalonica, while City Hotel is in the center of town – close to many sightseeing destinations. Tourist Hotel is located in the center too and rooms can be had for a reasonable price. It is recommended for those who travel on a low budget.

Rooms to Rent

Cheaper accommodations all the year round for students or families can be found in the old part of the city. There are agencies that can provide you with the proper category of accommodation once you are in the Thessalonica. You can also search the local papers. You can contact Real Estate agencies online.


The Prefecture of Halkidiki, not far from Thessalonica city, is the best place for good camping. There you can see and enjoy sandy beaches and blue waters in a vast area with a magnificent view. To go there, find information about the routes online.

Greek Youth Hostels

Staying at a youth hostel in Greece is a good option for young, budget conscious people who visit Thessalonica. Find a list of hostels by searching Google for youth hostels in Greece.

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