Santorini Travel Guide

Santorini is a unique small volcano island in the Cyclades Islands located on the south end. It is also called Fira. It lies in an area of 76 square meters and has got a population of roughly 6,300.

Santorini has been known since the 11th century, and a special characteristic of it is a stone staircase of 580 steps starting from the port and ending at the top of the hill where visitors can enjoy a magnificent view. This image is commonly known around the world thanks to posters and calendars.

Fira is the capital of the island. The volcano is still active and Santorini is often disturbed by minor earthquakes, but the last serious one occurred back in 1956.

Santorini has got a lot of important monuments such as an ancient theatre, wall paintings from the 16th century, a Minoan housing complex and several ancient temples. However, the excavations have not revealed many findings due to the lava that has covered most archaeological areas. The most important monument from Byzantine era is Panagia of Episkopi near the village Mesa Gonia. Also, the houses at Kato Fira are a unique sample of the local architecture. Many findings are today in the Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The weather here is the same as on other Cyclades islands: hot sunny summers and almost dry winters with very little rainfall.

The most popular beaches are Perissa, Kamari, Monolithos, and Red beach. The three first beaches have got a unique characteristic: The sand is black and the sea is dark blue. The Red beach near Akrotiri is the most famous beach of Santorini. Vacationers can visit the villages of the island which are quite impressive, with their white painted houses. Oia and Fira are very popular as they are situated on steep cliffs and offer an interesting view to the sea and the submerged volcano.

If you love a vivid night life, then Santorini is for you! Visitors can enjoy themselves at bars and night clubs all night long. Fira, the commercial center of the island, has many cafes and bars for every taste. Oia offers tourists a panoramic view and a beautiful sunset. It has less active nightlife though. There are plenty of restaurants in Fira. For Greek cuisine, try fresh fish and Greek dishes at Poseidon Tavern, which is located at the Black Beach at Kamarir.

Panorama at Akrotiri offers a beautiful view of the volcano and Aegean Sea along with a delicious local menu. At Oia’s cafe you will find both local cuisine and international dishes.

For sport activities, choose Scuba diving, as the bottom of the sea offers a unique view that is very different from other islands. The rocks and sand are black and red due to the volcano eruptions and they offer a unique experience. Sunset is marvelous and the view is fantastic from every spot of the island.

Go shopping in Fira or Oia and get jewelry, leather goods, art items, ceramics and clothes. Local agricultural products include wine and cherry tomatoes, a specialty of the island.

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