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You have probably heard the term ‘going green’ before. Going green has been a movement in environmentalism taking place across a number of different industries: politics, construction, food, health, travel, urban planning and countless more.

The movement centers around conservation of the planet and its natural resources and efforts towards minimizing our impact on the world and natural environments. While it may seem like a mouthful, going green generally refers to eliminating as many harmful aspects as possible that human populations have on an environment. Preservation, conservation and the protection of the environment are key elements behind going green.

When an industry or business goes green, it means that while the focus of that industry remains the same, they have made a commitment toward eliminating harmful effects on the environment through their actions. For example, several businesses in the housing and construction industry have made a commitment to using recyclable materials in the construction of homes. Windows and doors are made in order to make the heating and cooling of homes more efficient. Less power will be used to heat a home in the winter and as a result less energy will be needed. This eliminates the wasteful use of energy and natural resources. This example illustrates just one way in which varying industries of the world are going green. The efforts of each individual business to use materials that won’t harm the earth, to recycle and to execute business pans in a way that doesn’t have a harmful effect on the environment is making a big difference. The same is true in the travel industry.

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Green travel or what is more commonly referred to as ecotourism is defined by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

Although the full definition of ecotourism involves more detailed criteria, focusing on going green while you travel under this ideal is a growing trend among travelers and businesses within the travel industry. With the information we have about the harmful impact people have on the environment through reckless actions, it can be said that there is pressure within industries all over the world, to make changes with environmentalism in mind.

In this section we discuss the many elements behind ecotourism and green travel. You will learn about where to find the world’s best ecotourism locations, about industries across the world that are making changes to help reduce our impact on eco-sensitive locations and you will learn about how to travel ‘greenly.’ Check out the information on the following pages to find out more!

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