Travel to Greece

Preparing to Go to Greece

Travelers to Greece require a valid passport if they come from USA or other non-European countries, and an ID card if they come from Europe.

For those who wish to work in Greece, there are other requirements issued by the Immigration Office. More information is on the site of the Greek Ministry.

For longer stay, an application is required with the local Immigration Police at least 20 days prior to the expiration of the initial three month period. No visas are required for visitors from EU countries and most other countries for stays up to three months. For passport information, there is a relevant site which is personal but has got ample information.

Permit issues – Greek Residence Permits

The country of Greece has been working to slowly implement new immigration rules, as it’s obliged to do as a member of the EU Schengen Group. It used to be that American passport holders could stay in Greece indefinitely provided they left the country every three months. Authorities were lenient.

Now, legally at least, Americans can stay in Greece or any other Schengen Zone country, for no more than three months in any given six-month period, and then must launder themselves through three months outside the Schengen Zone.

See this page for more information:

The U.S. Consulate website has useful information on residence permits at

Learn more about Residence Permits and Greek Visa at

There have been significant changes to Greek immigration law, so be sure to review the information on the websites listed above.

Learning some Greek in order to be able to communicate with local people is a good idea. You can learn some basic Greek words and phrases on the following site:

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