Just a few miles from the throngs of tourists in Waikiki is a more urban, budget-friendly part of Honolulu. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon soaking in the unique history of the Honolulu waterfront, walking around downtown and taking in all of the public art or heading over to Chinatown to take in the […]

We couldn’t stop thinking about chilly winters and rainy falls. Although watching the leaves change and bundling up under cozy blankets is all part of the package it definitely loses its charm after you’ve been waiting for the car to defrost and it starts getting dark around 5pm. That’s why we did a random search […]

You may have heard us sound off regarding the fact that a large portion of travelers look for deals without having any idea of where they’d like to go, first. So in order to help you out, we’re featuring a couple of great travel ideas for the summer (kid friendly of course) that won’t break […]

Lately we’ve been reporting on cheap airfares from the west coast of the United States to Hawaii, leaving travel from NYC or Washington D.C. largely out of the Hawaii travel equation. This week however, we’re bringing the cheapest airfares to Hawaii all the way to our east coast friends. This week book roundtrip flights to […]

A vacation to Hawaii is almost always unforgettable. Sunning on white sand beaches, enjoying hand delivered mojitos, (more) fresh fruit cocktails, day spas, golf and a number of outdoors activities are hard to pass up. It gets even better for eager vacationers as cheap flights to Hawaii are getting cheaper. Although flight experts are saying […]

According to Forrester Research, 20% of travelers search the web looking for a vacation without a destination in mind! A little tid bit we picked up while looking for travel deals for you, loyal blog fans. With that in mind we thought we’d feature some of our favorite travel destinations and a travel deal that […]

With so much talk about the new travel site, Bing, we were eager to try. This week we got our chance. Here is your FrugalMonkey review: Bing works a lot like Farecaster, an online travel auction site that pools information from various airline carriers to bring you the best flight and travel deals. One key […]

Enjoy amazing summer flight deals to some of FrugalMonkey’s favorite locations. That includes international and domestic travel to locations like Australia and Hawaii. This week we found some amazing flight deals to both these locations as airlines do their best to lure in summer travelers. Qantas has recently launched deals for incredibly cheap flight to […]

We pride ourselves on offering the best destination profiles along with travel deals that will take you there. This week, we’re featuring Hawaii and bringing you all the best discounts and promotions to get you and your family on an amazing summer vacation, while doing so on a manageable budget. Hawaii has been on our […]

What better way to highlight some of our favorite travel destinations and travel jobs than showing first hand the type of travel information available on FrugalMonkey. Check it out! Where to Go If you’re looking for a great family, personal or romantic vacation, take a look at some of our country profiles. Our profiles include […]