Dangerous Dishes in Asia – Deadly Foods for Brave Travelers

in Japan, South Korea

Forget the fried rice and dim sum in Hong Kong. If you really want to live on the edge while visiting Asia, you’ll need to try some of the continent’s deadly dishes.

Deadly may be overstating the point a little, but the following meals definitely have an element of danger that entices thrill seeking diners!

Fugu, or puffer fish as it is commonly known, is a potentially deadly Japanese delicacy. The seafood contains tetrodotoxin, a poison which is almost 100 times more poisonous than cyanide! If it’s prepared well it’ll contain just enough poison to numb your lips and tickle your nerves. If prepared incorrectly, you’ll be paralyzed and die from heart failure or asphyxiation within hours. It sounds like a bit of a gamble, but so long as you dine in a restaurant licensed to sell the dish you should escape unscathed!

A puffer fish

A puffer fish

Foodies in China willingly risk hepatitis, typhoid, and dysentery for a taste of blood clams. The danger comes from the bacteria the clams harbor which often survives the boiling process. Sadly there’s no safe way to go about trying the treats as they’re banned in the country, although you can buy them on the black market. If you’re brave prepare to pay exorbitant prices and risk serious illness!

The South Korean delicacy of sannakji is the tamest dish on this list, but it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. It’s actually raw baby octopus served up still squirming about on your plate! Seafood doesn’t come much fresher than that! The danger comes from the octopus’ suction caps, which can latch onto your mouth or throat and cause choking. Make sure you take small bites and chew each one thoroughly to minimize the risks.

[Image Source: Cliff1066/Flickr]

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