China travel

China certainly knows how to throw a party. Most times of the year you’ll find the locals celebrating one of their many annual festivals. The country’s cities regularly explode in a rainbow of colors and sounds, and the locals love it when tourists join in the fun. That’s perfect for frugal travelers, as most of […]

China is a country that caters for high flying businessmen and cashed up shopaholics, and many of its accommodation options are priced accordingly. If you’re visiting the country on the cheap, staying in hostels will help you keep more yuan in your pocket. Most of China’s hostels are located in its two largest cities: Shanghai […]

Don’t make The Great Wall and The Terracotta Museum the only historic stops on your Chinese vacation. The country’s beautiful temples also shouldn’t be missed. China has so many temples you’d be hard pressed to see them all, but the following sites should make any tourist’s itinerary. Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Soul’s Retreat, […]

The Chinese city of Shanghai is made for tourists who want to shop ’til they drop. Most of them will flock to the well-known shopping strips on Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Shopping City, and Huaihai Road. But you’ll find more interesting souvenirs and save some money for the rest of your Shanghai trip if you take […]

With Shanghai’s luxury hotels and bustling shopping districts, it’s pretty easy to spend a small fortune staying in this popular Chinese city. But bargains can certainly be found in this busy Asian port if you know where to look. The first key to saving cash is choosing the right time of year to visit. It’s […]

Beijing has long been regarded as one of the world’s most expensive vacation destinations, but the tide is turning. When the city hosted the Olympic Games in 2008, a host of mid-priced accommodation options opened up to meet tourist demand. With the knowledge of these hotels in hands, and a little bit of local knowledge, […]

The Shanghai Museum houses one of the most exciting and largest collections of artifacts in China, and best of all, entry is free. The museum is a wonderful place for tourists to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, thanks to the stunning displays of calligraphy, and porcelain, bronze, and jade artworks. It’s easy to spend at […]

As with most of the world’s capital cities, it’s very easy to spend money in Beijing. But travelers should resist the urge to be too frugal in the Chinese capital. See also: China on a Budget. A little extravagance can be the best way to enjoy your Beijing vacation, and stay safe. Food and drink […]

Most of us spend money on lavish hotel suites when all we really need is a soft place to sleep. Capsule hotels, which are springing up around Asia, help tourists save cash by only charging for the essentials. The busy Asian country of Japan opened its first capsule hotel, the Capsule Inn, in Osaka in […]

China can be one of the world’s most expensive countries to visit, or one of the cheapest. Your experience all depends on the areas you visit, and what you do with your yuan when you get there. Chinese money is called renminbi, of which the most popular unit is the yuan. Western travelers might equate […]