During a busy day sightseeing in Asia, lunch often tends to be an afterthought. Too many of us resort to Western-style junk food and overpriced meals at tourist attractions. They’re not just costly; they’re also unsatisfying. A much better option is to eat like the locals do and enjoy some of the Eastern continent’s best […]

While many of these culinary tours are wonderful experiences, they are, without a doubt, hard on the budget. One day it dawned on me that, with a little planning and foresight, I could plan my own culinary trip. In this post, I give you some tips for designing your own culinary tour on a budget. Besides the obvious financial benefits of designing your own tour, you can truly customize the experience because, well, you’re the tour guide.

Even if you have set a budget ahead of time, it is easy to end up spending way more money than you would have ever imagined on your vacation, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Here are some tried and true frugal travel tips to help you enjoy your next trip without breaking the bank. Be […]

Scallops are a New Zealand delicacy, and nowhere are these delicious mollusks more celebrated than Whitianga. The small coastal town on the Coromandel Peninsula hosts a Scallop Festival every August. The winter weather puts a chill in the air, but for five days in late August thousands brave the cold to enjoy the annual seafood […]

Forget the fried rice and dim sum in Hong Kong. If you really want to live on the edge while visiting Asia, you’ll need to try some of the continent’s deadly dishes. Deadly may be overstating the point a little, but the following meals definitely have an element of danger that entices thrill seeking diners! […]

The thought of chowing down on Vegemite, and kangaroo might turn your stomach, but when visiting Australia consider sampling these local delicacies and many more. At nearly 90 years old, Vegemite is an Australian institution. 22 million jars of the thick brown spread are sold in Australia each year, but it’s often feared by foreign […]

A hangi is a traditional meal enjoyed in the island nations of New Zealand and the South Pacific. In Samoa it is called umu, and in Fiji it’s known as lovo. Hangi refers both to the food eaten, the method it is cooked, and the underground oven it’s cooked in. At a hangi, different meats […]

On arriving for your India vacation, you quickly learn that there’s more to this Asian nation’s cuisine than curry. Not that the Indians don’t do a mean curry. Traditionally it includes a combination of meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables, various seasonings and spices, and stir-fried Masala. Masala is a traditional Indian blend of onion, ginger, […]