Vacation on a Budget in Affordable Tonga

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The South Pacific has a reputation as a luxury holiday destination, with the prices to match. If you don’t want to abandon your dreams of a Pacific getaway but you’ve got a strict budget to follow, consider heading to Tonga.

This island nation has a reputation as the best value destination in Oceania.

While those with cash to spare can splurge on deluxe digs, there are a wide range of accommodation for travelers on a budget. There are many affordable options scattered around the islands including Otuhaka Beach Resort in Tongatapu, Paradise Hotel on Vava’u, and SandyBoyz Motel in the capital city, Nuku’alofa. They might not offer the most plush accommodation or all the modern conveniences, but these modest options have everything you really need in some beautiful locations.

Travelers from the Northern Hemisphere are eligible for an Air Pass, which allows them to fly between the islands of Tongatapu, Vava’u, Ha’apai, and ‘Eua for a fixed price. Tourists from the south can save cash by catching the inter island ferries. The sea journey is slower, but more affordable. Tongatapu has Tonga’s most extensive bus network, although some buses also run on Vava’u and the tourist centers of Lifuka and Foa in Ha’apai. The bus stops of Tongatapu are marked by the word “Pasi”; elsewhere you’ll need to flag down a bus as you would a taxi. Bus fares are inexpensive, ranging from 50 seniti to T$2.

There are many inexpensive activities to pass to your time in Tonga. Relaxing on the sandy beaches and swimming or snorkeling in the oceans around Tongatapu and Ha’apai is an easy way to pass the time. Visitors can immerse themselves in Tonga’s history with a trip to the ancient Royal tombs at Lapaha and the Ha’amonga’a Maui trilithon, Tonga’s answer to Stonehenge. The natural wonders of Tonga also cost nothing to enjoy. You can hike through the tropical rainforest at ‘Eau or marvel at the massive volcanic crater on Tofua Island.

One thing’s for certain; even if you’re not spending a lot of money in Tonga you certainly won’t be bored!

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