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A long soak in a jacuzzi and a luxurious massage sounds like the sort of vacation experiences out of the reach of frugal travelers. But why should budget conscious tourists miss out on all the fun? This article introduces you to several spa resorts that cost a lot less than you’d think. If you’re looking […]

Whenever we’re traveling long distances, most of us prepare to board an airplane. We arrive at our destination in a timely fashion, although our bank balance tends to suffer. However there’s a better, and more affordable way to travel around Japan. Tourists in the know prefer to stay on the ground, and on the Shinkansen […]

If you want your yen to go further in Japan, you shouldn’t miss the country’s 100 Yen shops. There are several different 100 Yen store chains in Japan, including Daiso, Watts, Seria, and Cando. Each one offers a hodge-podge of products, all selling for the bargain price of just 100 yen. That’s only a little […]

Internet cafes have become refuges for travelers keen to catch up with what’s happening back home and stay in touch with loved ones. But in Japan, they’re also a cheap place to stay. When all you need is entertainment and a roof over your head, this budget accommodation option begins to look very appealing. Japanese […]

A trip to Tokyo’s Imperial Palace should be on the itinerary of every tourist who wants to learn more about Japan’s history and culture. The Imperial Palace was formerly the site of Edo Castle, the residence of the Tokygawa shogun who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867. Today it’s home to the Emperor of Japan. […]

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Clearly they’ve never visited one of Harimaya Station’s free cafés! The concept was developed by one of Japan’s leading snack food companies, Harimaya Honten. It might seem daft for the brand to give away their treats, but it’s a great way of spreading word about […]

With its endless stream of traffic and buzzing shopping arcades, it’s easy to feel lost in Tokyo. So why not rise above it? The capital of Japan has several free observatories which allow you to best appreciate the city skyline and its surrounds. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has observatories on the north and south […]

Japan is a mecca for shopping addicts, with a range of unique items for tourists of all budgets. But what are the best Japanese souvenirs to take home? Here we look at the best ways to spend your yen. Ceramics are one of Japan’s oldest art forms, so a tea ceremony bowl or glazed vase […]

Most of us spend money on lavish hotel suites when all we really need is a soft place to sleep. Capsule hotels, which are springing up around Asia, help tourists save cash by only charging for the essentials. The busy Asian country of Japan opened its first capsule hotel, the Capsule Inn, in Osaka in […]

Japan once had a reputation as an expensive vacation destination, but the country’s economic downturn has put it back on the radar of bargain-seeking tourists. With careful planning and a little know-how, your Japanese yen can go further in the Land of the Rising Sun. Buying individual tickets on the Japanese rail system can be […]