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We all travel with the very best of intentions. We’ll stick to our budget and avoid a nasty credit card bill at the end of our adventures. But like the best laid plans, it’s very easy to blow your finances when you’re having a good time. In this article we offer a few tips for […]

Many frugal travelers reject international hot spots like London, Paris, and Sydney in favor of more budget friendly alternatives like Thailand and Mexico. But it’d be a shame to let life pass you by without ever visiting your dream location. The good news is, you don’t have to. So long as you can save the […]

Thailand lures thousands of frugal travelers to its shores each year. They enjoy the country’s weak currency, wile away hours on its pristine beaches, and head back to their relatively affordable lodgings once the sun sets. A vacation in this Asian territory will never break the bank, but with a little local knowledge you can […]

In this modern high tech world, jetting off without your cell phone can seem like leaving your right arm behind. However travelers often find those pricy roaming costs can bite the budget harder than hotel mini-bars and excess baggage fees. Too many jetsetters return home to find phone bills costing thousands of dollars. By following […]

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the jewels of the East, a vacation destination where you can shop up a storm and live in luxury. However it’s still possible to enjoy this exotic Asian country on a budget with several free or frugal tourist attractions. One of Hong Kong’s greatest quirks is the world’s […]

It’s safe to say that when trying to find the ideal destination for a family vacation, Disneyland is often the go-to choice. It’s hard to resist a vacation that includes family fun, great weather and the familiarity of Disney characters. Not only do children love it, but adults enjoy themselves as well – so long […]

Hundreds of travelers are teaching English to prolong their stay abroad. If you’re interested in traveling but are worried about having enough money to make your trip worthwhile, consider working abroad.  Working abroad allows you to live in a different country, experience the culture, travel, make money and prolong your stay. The only catch is […]

Even though it seems the turn of the year has just passed, it isn’t too early to start making plans in regard to your summer. Especially for college students who want some great summer work, now is a great time to start making plans. If you’ve ever wanted to work at a resort as a […]

Because finding cheap airfare is only half the battle. When planning any vacation or backpacking trip, getting there is only half the battle. Similarly, for anyone living and working abroad with plans to travel, getting to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Alaska or Australia is only a small part in the planning that needs to […]

European travel is popular because of the wealth of countries and cultures within such close proximity to one another. Additionally, the use of the Euro among many European countries and the ease of traveling within Europe because of the Euro Rail, means Europe is a traveler’s backyard just waiting to be explored. Flight deals right […]