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in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the jewels of the East, a vacation destination where you can shop up a storm and live in luxury. However it’s still possible to enjoy this exotic Asian country on a budget with several free or frugal tourist attractions.

One of Hong Kong’s greatest quirks is the world’s longest escalator. You can take it from Victor Harbor right up into the hills. It runs in a different direction depending on the time of day, but if you’re only there for the journey you won’t mind too much where it takes you!

The Man Mo Temple will help you get your culture and history fix. This holy place at Central features statues of Chinese gods, coiled incense rings, and a wood-fired oven where worshippers burned money to send it to their relatives in the afterlife. While entry is free, small donations are gratefully accepted.

Public transport is an affordable way to get from point A to point B, but Hong Kong’s more unusual transport options can also be enjoyed for the experience. A ride on the Star Ferry is one of the best ways to see Victor Harbor, and one of the cheapest. The ten-minute voyage will set you back just 30 cents.

Riding Hong Kong’s historic trolley cars can also be a real thrill, especially if you take a prime position on the top deck. For just 25 cents you can enjoy a great view from high above the buzzing Admiralty and Central districts. The ride is particularly beautiful at night when the city is illuminated with neon and street lights.

Victor Harbor in Hong Kong

Victor Harbor in Hong Kong

While you’re out in the evening make sure you don’t miss the free light show, which brightens the buildings of Central at 8 pm nightly.  The music is a bit corny, but the synchronized lights should mesmerize children and adults alike. Arrive at the Avenue of Stars or Hong Kong Cultural Center early for the best view.

And it’s always free to explore Hong Kong’s alleyways and wander around Hong Kong Park. This is a country best enjoyed on foot, so why not set off and see where your travels take you?

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