Teach English While Traveling

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Hundreds of travelers are teaching English to prolong their stay abroad.

If you’re interested in traveling but are worried about having enough money to make your trip worthwhile, consider working abroad

Working abroad allows you to live in a different country, experience the culture, travel, make money and prolong your stay. The only catch is that work visas, permits and the legalities surrounding working abroad is sometimes difficult to maneuver. That is why hundreds of native English-speaking travelers turn to teaching English while working abroad.

Teaching English in Asia or South America is one of the most popular jobs among travelers who are living abroad. Many of the agencies that hire travelers have special permission to employ workers who are not under a specific work visa. This is of course, imperative to double check before you begin working, but regardless of how, there are a wealth of teaching English jobs for expatriates on non-English-speaking countries. Teaching is a wonderful way to examine the differences between your culture and that of the country you live in. You often times make friends with students, learn the foreign language faster and build work experience for your resume while you are traveling. Teaching English can also pay very well. Statistically in Asia, teachers earn more but they are also required to have certain teaching certificates as well. In South America, the pay is less, but so is the cost of living and jobs seem to be much more abundant and easier to procure.

Working abroad is a great way to prolong your travel experience. Many teachers move from country to country funding their entire trip based off of the money they earn from teaching. This is a great way to expand your travels while gaining valuable work and life experience. FrugalMonkey has resources on working abroad and teaching English abroad in addition to other jobs that allow you to travel while working. There is more than one way to skin at cat and there is more than one way to be successful working abroad. Check out some of the other jobs we have listed.

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