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Because finding cheap airfare is only half the battle.

When planning any vacation or backpacking trip, getting there is only half the battle. Similarly, for anyone living and working abroad with plans to travel, getting to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Alaska or Australia is only a small part in the planning that needs to be done in order to travel as much as possible, and to do so on a budget.

You need to find cheap hotel stays too! FRUGALMONKEY is here to give you a few tips on finding the cheapest hotel prices possible and advice on how to save money on accommodations while traveling.

Now is an amazing time to travel with cheap oil prices and a lull in high-end tourism. This translates into excellent package deals for travelers. These deals don’t just stop at cheap airfare prices, but include discounts on hotel stays as well. Right now many airlines and vacation dealers are including hotel stays in their travel packages. So when booking airfare, look for deals that include a cheap hotel stay as well. Additionally, don’t forget about the discount travel sites such as Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity. Not only do they offer good airfare deals but they also offer searches on hotel stays as well. You’d be surprised how many people didn’t know about the hotel deals they could be finding on discount travel sites. So check them out!

Finally, one great way to save money on accommodations while traveling is to book your stay in a hostel. Hostels had once been viewed as a rustic way to travel. Today however, more and more hostels are catering to a crowd that values private rooms and bathrooms and better amenities. Many hostels have large private rooms with air conditioning, wireless Internet, private bathrooms, balconies and cable television all included in the price of the room. You might be surprised how nice some hostel accommodations are and how cheap you can find them. Check out sites such as hostelbookers, hosteling international and mini-hostels to find a luxury hostel for low costs and start saving now!

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