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In this modern high tech world, jetting off without your cell phone can seem like leaving your right arm behind. However travelers often find those pricy roaming costs can bite the budget harder than hotel mini-bars and excess baggage fees. Too many jetsetters return home to find phone bills costing thousands of dollars. By following these simple tips, you needn’t face such a nasty invoice when you return home.

Doing some research before you leave can help you save big bucks while you’re away. Speak to your wireless provider and discuss the way you hope you use your cell phone abroad. Will you be making short phone calls to folks at home, sending e-mails to clients, or checking in to Facebook and Twitter? Your provider can explain the fees you’ll incur for voice calls, text messages, and data use. If you’re lucky you might even score a travel package, with minutes or megabytes offered at a fixed price. These packages are typically quite expensive, but for a quick getaway this is a smart solution.

Swapping out your SIM card for a local one is a better option for most holiday makers. However this won’t work if your phone is locked. Your carrier may unlock your phone if you ask nicely for a small fee, but that’s not always possible. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea though; it’ll just require a little extra outlay. Basic GSM phones can cost as little as $20, depending on where you’re holidaying. Then grab a pre-paid plan and you’re ready to get dialing. Most carriers will be unfamiliar to you, so don’t be afraid to ask the locals what they recommend.

In some circumstances you can bypass global roaming altogether by using Skype Mobile. This chat program offers subscriptions which allow users to call other cell phones and landlines around the world. By using free wireless hot spots in cafes and airports, it’s possible to call home for only a few cents a minute. That’s a lot better than the deals the cell phone providers offer!

But these days, cell phones are much more than calling devices. The range of Smartphone travel apps can also make your vacation a bit easier, and cheaper. Downloading apps for dining, public transport, and getting about before you go can help you get the most from a city without logging on to the internet.

If you must get online though, remember that once upon a time we did it without cell phones! Internet cafes and most accommodation offer computers with internet access. Whether you’re staying in a hostel or a resort, you’ll probably be able to access the net for a few dollars an hour. That might seem like highway robbery compared to what you’re paying at home, but it’s significantly cheaper than the cell phones.Cell Phone

And finally, consider whether you really need to stay connected. There’s something freeing about doing away with technology and leaving your old life behind for a week or two. Without a ringing cell phone or tweets to disturb you, your vacation will be much more refreshing, and affordable!

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