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It’s safe to say that when trying to find the ideal destination for a family vacation, Disneyland is often the go-to choice.

It’s hard to resist a vacation that includes family fun, great weather and the familiarity of Disney characters. Not only do children love it, but adults enjoy themselves as well – so long as they’re not stressed over the cost of the trip.

Here are some ways to enjoy a fun and affordable vacation at one of California’s biggest (and most loved!) attractions.

Plan in Advance

Let’s face it. Traveling with kids can be hectic – especially when things are disorganized. Make it easier on yourself by planning in advance. While you may want to jump at the first discount you see, holding out for a better deal may be the best way to go. Planning ahead gives you more time to think things through, while also keeping your eyes peeled for a great opportunity.

Also, be sure to set a budget, giving yourself clear boundaries while enjoying Disneyland and the rest of California. Of course, it’s tempting to buy all that you can while there, so it’s important to stay realistic with your budget. This will help keep yourself in check, while also allowing for some indulgence.

Find a Great Disney Package

There are a variety of different packages to choose from when looking to have fun in the sun at California’s Disneyland. However, the key is to try to stick with more reliable and well-known sources when finding Disneyland vacation packages.

Among the best places to look when finding great deals is Travelocity. They often offer great packages, so makes sure to frequently return to the site for an update on the latest deals. Here, you’ll have to opportunity to find packages that include booking flights and car rentals. In addition, you could also be looking at getting free tickets to the park. Always a plus!

Also, be sure to scope out resources such as Kijubi, City Pass, and Magical Travel, which can offer great discounts to the theme park.

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Save Money on Your Disney Trip

Save on Food

One of the larger expenses during a vacation is the cost of food, even more so when dealing with a larger group of people. Try to find a cheap hotel or vacation home that includes kitchen utilities such as a fridge, microwave, kettle, etc.

Take advantage of this by stocking up on food during your stay. This way, you can save on expensive meals, and replace them with more affordable options. In particular, this is useful for young children, who may be picky eaters. Minimize stress and cost all at once.

Rent a Car

Though there is debate as to whether a rental car or public transport is more cost efficient, having a simple, reliable way to get around in California is priceless. Instead of paying taxi and bus drivers money every time you want to go somewhere, rent your own vehicle.

This way, you have the freedom to go wherever you like at your own pace and enjoy beautiful California on your own time. Aggregators such Kemwel and Kayak are good resources as well as Expedia and Travelocity.

Vacationing to Disneyland doesn’t have to be scary. Follow some of these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to having a great time. Relax, and enjoy the magic of  Disneyland.

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