What I’ve found during my multiple cross-country road trips is: (1) They are always more fun than I anticipated they’d be; (2) It’s easy to be frugal if you stick to a budget; (3) The trips rarely go as planned. Spring is almost here, so now is the time to start planning your late spring/summer adventures. Here are some tips for making the most out of your road trip.

If you already own an iPhone or iPad, you probably know that you have one of the best budget travel tools on the market. Haven’t taken the plunge and purchased your iToy yet? Not to worry. Many international tourist agencies (mostly in Europe) are renting out iPhones or iPads to help you make the most […]

From good eats to monuments to fabulous flea markets, explore Berlin one neighborhood at a time (on foot) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all of the things you find to do on the cheap.

Tourists looking to travel around New Zealand on the cheap should forget about planes and hire cars. There’s a much more affordable travel option: the cheekily named Naked Bus. Since 2006, Naked Bus has been providing budget travel between New Zealand’s major cities and towns. Its initial four routes have expanded to a national network […]

The picturesque charms of the Isle of Pines, the southernmost tip of New Caledonia, attract travelers from far and wide. But most come away from their Oceanic vacation stay with a rather hefty bill. A getaway in the location known as the Jewel of the South Pacific doesn’t have to cost the earth though, if […]

We’ve looked at how to manage your money in Hong Kong, and even how to save cash on a night out in the city. Now we’ll turn our attention to eating well in Hong Kong for less. Hong Kong has a reputation for being one of Asia’s most expensive tourist centers, but your stay doesn’t […]

Take a look at these popular travel locations where your dollar goes the extra mile. With the economy in a slum, the price of flights and cruise fares has dropped significantly. On top of that, even though the dollar is in large part to blame for the weakening economy, investors are seeing the US as […]

Because finding cheap airfare is only half the battle. When planning any vacation or backpacking trip, getting there is only half the battle. Similarly, for anyone living and working abroad with plans to travel, getting to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Alaska or Australia is only a small part in the planning that needs to […]

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Or rather, it isn’t too good to be true if you simply know where to look. The cost of living is one of the largest factors sending people home while they are living or working abroad. The cost of rent, maintaining a tight travel […]

FrugalMonkey is always trying to keep an eye out for interesting flight deals for travelers abroad, but also locally and within the United States. A great way to find travel deals for budget travelers is in sporting events. For example, The Masters Golf Tournament that takes place each year in Augusta Georgia brings in hundreds […]