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Take a look at these popular travel locations where your dollar goes the extra mile.

With the economy in a slum, the price of flights and cruise fares has dropped significantly.

On top of that, even though the dollar is in large part to blame for the weakening economy, investors are seeing the US as one of the safest places to invest. This is making foreign travel into some countries, up to 50% cheaper for Americans. Read on, and find out what FRUGALMONKEY knows about traveling abroad and how to find some of the lowest industry prices in years!


If you’re thinking about visiting Australia, now is a great time to go. Not only is it summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but flight prices into Australia can be found for as low as $1300. This is a huge discount when flight prices from NY were as much as $2200 a year ago. Additionally though, the Australian currency has dropped against the dollar 28% in the last year. Which means if you were traveling to Perth, Sydney or Brisbane in 2008, you were spending quite a bit more for beach excursions and opera tickets. Now, the dollar down under will only get you about 0.65 cents, which means after saving on flight prices, you can navigate this incredible country for a fraction of previous costs.


Americans have been shying away from Great Britain for years with the pound and Euro being so strong against the dollar. But, if you’ve ever thought of flying into London and then hopping the Euro Rail over to Europe’s other incredible countries, now is an amazing time.  Not only has the pound dropped 23% against the dollar in the last year, but airfares are even cheaper due to the winter wonderland that is London and other northern European Countries.

If you’re not dieing to get a tan and interested in saving some money on your European vacation, book your flight now.


Travel into Canada now for some amazing skiing in Whistler or the Canadian Rockies. Traveling into Canada is cheap because it’s so accessible by flight from the US as well as by car. Additionally though, Canada’s currency has dropped against the dollar, making it the perfect place to escape for a ski vacation or to check out some of its amazing cities, like Vancouver. You can find low airfares into Canada, even on last minute trips because of the large number of North American carriers that travel into these winter get away hot-spots. If you’ve been eager to hit the slopes, try some of Canada’s famous skiing locations, at incredibly low prices.


Iceland travel was almost impossible without spending an arm and a leg. However, recent political and economic issues mean that this once previously expensive country, is now 50% cheaper for American travelers to visit. You can check out Iceland’s amazing glaciers, or hang out in Reykjavik for the lowest prices in years. It is truly one of the most exotic and interesting northern countries on our globe. Flights from NY are as low as $500, a price that would have been impossible to find even just last year. Buy your lonely planet guides and cash in on your vacation time now. Now is the time to travel!

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