Stay in New Caledonia for Less – Your Budget Guide to the Isle of Pines

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The picturesque charms of the Isle of Pines, the southernmost tip of New Caledonia, attract travelers from far and wide.

But most come away from their Oceanic vacation stay with a rather hefty bill. A getaway in the location known as the Jewel of the South Pacific doesn’t have to cost the earth though, if you follow our advice.

Rather than bunking down at one of the area’s many resorts, consider camping at Roller Bay instead. Its beachfront views are just as good as you’ll find in any luxury hotel, and with each site offering water and electricity you won’t feel like you’re slumming it. Each site has its own thatch covered table, but if you want to make new friends you can eat in the central dining area. You can prepare your own meals, but if you’d prefer to take it easy your hosts will happily whip up breakfast or dinner on a day’s notice. You’ll need to travel with your own tent, but the oceanside sunsets are free.

Beautiful Upi Bay in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Beautiful Upi Bay in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

If you plan to make your own meals, you’ll need to be organized. The area has no supermarkets or stores, so you’ll need to visit the weekly markets for your fresh fruit and vegetables. Local fishermen sell seafood, and there is a bakery but you’ll need to get up early. Most days all the food is sold out by 11 am, so sleeping in is discouraged!

Some of the greatest activities around the Isle of Pines won’t cost you a cent. The weather is ideal for swimming all year round. If you have a snorkeling mask, you can take a look at the area’s ocean residents, or you could simply enjoy a walk along the sea shore.

With some careful planning, you can enjoy a stay in New Caledonia for much less than you’d think.

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