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Food typically takes a major chunk of any vacation budget. Cooking in your room can save some serious dollars, but many accommodation options don’t have kitchen facilities. Without the comforts of home, travelers often need to eat out, and these restaurant meals can add up quickly. This article offers budget tips for restaurants and other […]

We all travel with the very best of intentions. We’ll stick to our budget and avoid a nasty credit card bill at the end of our adventures. But like the best laid plans, it’s very easy to blow your finances when you’re having a good time. In this article we offer a few tips for […]

Many frugal travelers reject international hot spots like London, Paris, and Sydney in favor of more budget friendly alternatives like Thailand and Mexico. But it’d be a shame to let life pass you by without ever visiting your dream location. The good news is, you don’t have to. So long as you can save the […]

If you’re a thrill seeker or a parent, major theme parks are a must for your vacation itinerary. Whether you’re visiting one of the world’s iconic Disneylands or the famous theme parks on Australia’s Gold Coast, these places guarantee days of fun for the whole family. However these tourist attractions can drain your finances faster […]

With a big wide world full of glamorous destinations, it’s very easy for our travel ambitions to become much bigger than our bank balance. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to see what the globe has to offer. By following our simple advice, you can take a vacation for next to nothing. The […]

No continent screams luxury travel like Europe does. While it’s certainly possible to spend a small fortune on a lavish European getaway, frugal travelers needn’t abandon their dreams of a historical tour of Athens or a lazy beach holiday on the French Riviera. With a few clever choices and our insider advice you can have […]

Venice has a reputation as one of Italy’s most expensive cities, but frugal travelers needn’t steer clear of The Floating City. With a little research you needn’t bust your budget in this European hotspot. Firstly you’ll need to find a place to rest your head. You’ll discover some great travel deals if you visit Venice […]

China can be one of the world’s most expensive countries to visit, or one of the cheapest. Your experience all depends on the areas you visit, and what you do with your yuan when you get there. Chinese money is called renminbi, of which the most popular unit is the yuan. Western travelers might equate […]