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You may have heard us sound off about the cruise industry a time or two. Well, it’s probably because we’re big fans of the places cruise ships can take you. Did you know that when the cruise industry first started, cruises only served as a means for travel across the Atlantic? And that after the introduction of the plane into the travel industry the cruise ship industry suffered?

Now, however, because of a resurgence in popularity and because of access to places all over the world, the cruise industry is back and better than ever. And has been for quite some time. Find out how you can be a part of it by getting a job in the travel industry and working on a cruise ship.

Working in the cruise industry is a popular choice for people who are looking for seasonal travel. Because a great deal of money can be made in a short amount of time, people who are interested in traveling (but who also want to make money) find that jobs in the cruise industry offer them the perfect work scenario. It is essentially the perfect job for college graduates or students during a summer off from school. It also serves as an excellent segue into the travel industry for those who are interested in making cruising a career. Take some time to learn about working on a cruise ship and procuring a job in the travel industry on our FrugalMonkey travel job pages.

In our cruise section, you will learn about working on all sorts of different types of cruise ships.

Find out about working on smaller cruises, river cruises, and how to get a job working on a big ocean liner. Jobs like those we cover in our cruise ship jobs section will lead you towards a career that allows you to take cruises into Alaska and Mexico, and even places like Antarctica.

Find out about exciting travel and work opportunities by learning a little bit more about the cruise ship industry. Although the economy is in a rut, people are still taking cruises all over the world, and the cruise ship industry still needs hardworking employees to make their cruises successful. Traveling the world doesn’t have to be on your own dime, in fact, some one might even pay you for it! Find out more!

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