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Attention job hunters! We dedicate a lot of information to finding travel deals, but what about travel jobs? FrugalMonkey specializes not only in the best travel destinations but also how to find work in the travel industry.

Check out four great areas where work is available for travel lovers and learn a little bit more about exciting travel careers.

Work Abroad

Working abroad is a popular choice for expatriates or people who want to live abroad for an extended period of time but cannot afford going for months without work. Working abroad allows you to enjoy the experiences of living in another country and provides the added perk of earning income along the way. Finding legal work in a foreign country however, can be difficult as there are a number of issues regarding necessary citizenship and employment. That is why Teaching English abroad is such a popular travel job. There are many ways to find high paying English teaching jobs when you live abroad. This is most common among North Americans and Europeans who make money in Asia as well as in South America where the need for English teachers is high. Find out more about living and working abroad as an English teacher in a career that provides ample opportunity for travel and some cash along the way as well!

Volunteer Jobs

Volunteering is another great way to take advantage of your desire to travel and combine it with work experience. Landing volunteer jobs puts you in an excellent position to experience travel around the world while doing something that benefits others. A large number of volunteer jobs are not paid, but there are some internships that do offer compensation for your time.

Regardless, volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience and is a very advantageous on graduate school applications. Learn more about volunteer jobs now and start making travel plans!

Cruise Ship Jobs

Working in the cruise industry is a great way to travel and make money. Cruise jobs are also a good travel industry job because they are available not only to seasonal employees, but to those applicants looking to find full-time work as well. Find out more about the different ports of call in the cruise ship industry, becoming a cruise ship employee, and about what life is like on a cruise ship through FrugalMonkey’s travel jobs page on cruise ship employment.

Resort Jobs

If you want to get away for the summer and experience some new adventures through traveling, but still need to work, consider employment through a resort or lodge. These jobs literally afford you the opportunity to live a resort-style life for an entire summer or winter while getting paid. Think about it: getting paid to live and enjoy a place that vacationers spend thousands of dollars to visit for just a week! Find out more about resort jobs like those in ski lodges or about lifeguarding in the Gulf of Mexico through our resort jobs page. Learn about travel that won’t only provide you with the chance of a lifetime, but it will also help you earn some money as well!

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