Our Bing Travel Review

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With so much talk about the new travel site, Bing, we were eager to try. This week we got our chance. Here is your FrugalMonkey review:

Bing works a lot like Farecaster, an online travel auction site that pools information from various airline carriers to bring you the best flight and travel deals. One key feature is the site projects whether or not it thinks flight prices for your destination will go up, or down – thus giving you an idea of when you should buy your ticket.

We found Bing to be very user friendly. We searched for flights to Maui and found some great deals. Bing showed us what other airlines were charging along with the price you would find on Orbitz. A price we verified and confirmed. It also suggested that we purchase our Maui flight, which we had set to leave in early July for only $365 from Seattle, weeks before departure.

Bing is easy to use and very clear. Although it didn’t seem to offer anything more than Farecaster or some of the other travel auction websites, its clear and quick navigation system was something we liked using. Will Bing be the next thing in travel? We’ll have to wait and see.

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