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You may or may not have heard of Crystal Cruises. If you haven’t, you probably won’t be forgetting that name anytime soon. This cruise line has just unveiled what we’re willing to call one of the best travel deals of the year. Check out what you can book this fall for practically pennies.

The cruise ship industry has been known to promote some pretty good deals. With the travel industry still combating recent economic woes, the deals for those wanting to cash in on a cruise are many. However, Crystal Cruises has out done them all with a fall deal that is so good it will make your head spin.

Not only are they promoting a 2-for-1 travel deal, which means two people can enjoy any one of ten popular cruise vacations for the price of one, but they have unrolled onboard cruise ship credits totaling as much as $2,000, putting rates on their Miami to Costa Rica or Venice to Athens cruises this fall at a 55% discount. For more information, be sure to check out what Crystal Cruises is offering in terms of great winter and fall travel deals. We highly recommend it!

If cruising has peaked your interest, be sure to check out FrugalMonkey’s travel jobs section with full information on working on a cruise ship. Imagine traveling around the world, seeing new and exciting things, while at the same time getting paid to do so! The best part is, that when you work on a cruise ship most of your food, room and board, and cost of living is paid for, so any money you make sailing is money in your pocket. That’s a hard deal to beat! Check it out on FrugalMonkey to learn more about incredible cruise and travel industry jobs.

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