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Many of us feel we need a special skill to contemplate working abroad. However, if you’re from an English speaking country your native language may be the ticket to an opulent overseas stay.

Teaching English abroad will net you a much more generous salary than pulling beers or farming. In addition to those substantial wages, you may enjoy health insurance, complimentary accommodation, and other perks. And with many countries offering their English teachers three-day-weekends and long school vacations, you’ll have plenty of time to see the sights. All these advantages mean you may enjoy a lifestyle that’s actually an improvement on what you left back home. How often can frugal travelers say that when they’re jet setting?

Before accepting a position it’s important to consider who you’d like to teach. Teaching small children and teenagers can be draining, but also very rewarding. Adults learning English tend to be more disciplined, but working with them may not be as much fun.

Your qualifications and experience, or lack thereof, may influence where you will work. Government programs and large schools tend to require some pieces of paper, but they will pay accordingly for these credentials. However in other countries you can get by with only a passport showing you’re a native English speaker. Taking a TEFL, TESL, or Celta course before you depart can still be a good way to boost your salary. Here is a guide to what’s required to teach English in some popular countries.

China is regarded by many as the best place to teach English. The rising economy and increasing involvement in world trade means everyone wants to learn this universal language. The country offers a variety of educational institutions, from first-class schools like English First and Wall Street English to less reputable privately-run organizations. The employment sections of expatriate websites like The Beijinger and City Weekend are great places to start your job search.

Japan’s wages for English teachers aren’t what they once were and living costs are high, but the country’s colorful culture still makes it an in-demand destination for foreigners working abroad. Anyone passionate about teaching may be put off by the “one size fits all” approach to English education. However, if you are keen to work in these conditions look to big schools like AEON or ECC, or the Japanese government’s JET program.

If the high cost of living in Japan is getting you down, teaching in South Korea may be more appealing. English teachers are in demand here, so schools pay accordingly and with great benefits. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to work in the country’s schools, but no formal teaching qualifications or experience is required in most cases. Korea has both public schools and privately run hogwans. In general the public school system pays a little less but has more stability and structure. Researching schools you’re interested in carefully is the best way to find a position that suits you. Start your employment search at ESL Café’s job boards or by contacting a major recruiter like Footprints or Canadian Connection.

It’s worth mentioning Mexico for its abundance of positions, but this is not where you want to travel if you’re looking for the big bucks. While wages are small, they can provide a good way to top up your account if you’re passing through. It’s difficult to arrange a teaching position before arriving, but you should have no problems snagging something if you approach schools when you touch down.

We all want to visit Europe, but sadly unless you’re British you’ll have a tough time landing an English teaching job. Your best bet is heading east to Russia. As many English teachers don’t want to travel to this icy country, educators are in demand. The large English First and BKC International schools offer some of the country’s best English teaching positions.

If you’ve got experience teaching English and the qualifications to back it up, you can earn a packet in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have some of the most lucrative teaching jobs around, with other perks including accommodation and annual flights home to see your nearest and dearest. Qualified teachers can search for their dream job at TeachMideast.

No matter where you land, you’ll find teaching English a great way to see a foreign country and keep your bank balance looking healthy.

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