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What better way to kick off summer then by working an amazing summer job. If you want to earn money during the summer, but still enjoy the experiences and excitement of travel then check out FrugalMonkey’s resources on summer travel jobs.

Working Abroad
Working abroad for the summer, is taking seasonal jobs to the extreme.

No one dictates how long your working abroad experience should last except you. That means you can enjoy a summer working abroad or work abroad for the better part of a year. It is a great way to make money and enjoy travel while earning valuable job experience. But where do you start? A lot of college students work abroad during a semester off, or right after graduation. One of the most popular jobs while traveling is teaching English. A lot of teachers find themselves teaching English in South America and Asia, two of the most popular locations for the job. These two places represent the best outlook for teaching English while working abroad. Learn more about working abroad with our entire section on finding work overseas. It’s the perfect summer job!

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteering is another popular choice for summer. It allows you to fit in a lot of volunteer hours when you otherwise would be working or in school. There are a wealth of volunteer opportunities abroad, representing an excellent way to boost your resume and enjoy travel. While most volunteer opportunities aren’t paid, it is still a great way to enhance your travel experience with a fulfilling project. Check out FrugalMonkey’s section on volunteering abroad and fill your summer with fun and travel.

Work at a Resort
Have you ever been on vacation with your family and thought, “I’d love to work here”? Well, join the club. Working a resort job is a popular summer choice for students because of the seasonal association with resorts and good weather. Although most of the resort jobs for summer are already underway it gets the mind thinking about other resort jobs that need coaches for summer camps and special occasions. Or, the many winter resort jobs that need staffing during the snowy months. Think ski and snowboarding coaches or bartenders at world class ski resorts! Start thinking about applying now and learn more about winter resort jobs through JobMonkey.

Cruise Jobs
Working on a cruise ship is another popular way to take advantage of cool seasonal jobs. This one doesn’t just last the summer, but instead goes year round. Find out more about working for a cruise ship and make great money while you travel. You could find work with the kitchen staff, or work as a bartender. Maybe you want to lead land excursions on Alaskan cruises. The cruising industry operates all year and represents a great way to travel and earn money in a short time. Find out more with FrugalMonkey and CruiseShipJobFinder.

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