Lopburi is a Thai city steeped in history, but today most travelers have just one thing on their minds: monkeys. Every year many international tourists visit the area located three hours north of the country’s capital, Bangkok, to meet the city’s simian residents. It’s estimated that some 2000 crab-eating macaque monkeys call Lopburi home. And […]

We’ve all spent time staring into an animal enclosure at the zoo, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the creature the sign assures us is inside. But the sad truth is, many of these exotic animals are only active once the zoo closes its gates. If you want to see these critters at their […]

We’ve all heard of swimming with dolphins, and even swimming with whales. But one South Australian company allows you to swim with a furrier marine creature on their swim with sea lions tours. Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience is located in Baird Bay, a tiny coastal town on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. Just 8 people […]

Hong Kong is a buzzing metropolis, the kind of place where nothing sits still for every long. Yet in the center of the city is Hong Kong Park, a green oasis which takes you back to nature and provides respite from the thrumming city outside. The eight hectare park was opened in May 1991. From […]

If you’re tired of the tourist centers of Oceania, a visit to Papua New Guinea can prove exhilarating. With virtually no tourism infrastructure, the country offers a truly authentic South Pacific experience. However, this wild and untamed allure means visitors should take a few extra safety precautions. Before embarking on your journey, consider protecting yourself […]

Port Stephens, on the New South Wales north coast, is known as the dolphin capital of Australia. Pods of these intelligent marine creatures swim close to the coastal region’s 26 beaches. You might spot one as you’re catching a wave, but for a more personal experience consider joining a Dolphin Swim Australia tour. While some […]

Australia has a reputation as a dangerous destination, with creepy crawlies and biting monsters around every corner. But you needn’t worry about the snakes, spiders, sharks and other nasties Down Under if you follow some simple advice. Australia is home to the ten deadliest snakes in the world, including the fierce snake, commonbrown, and taipan. […]

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Yannasampanno monastery is a modest place of worship, unremarkable in many ways. In fact, if it were not for its unique residents you wouldn’t know about this site in regional Thailand at all. But here tourists travel daily to marvel at the monks who share their lives with tigers. Buddhism […]

The Northern Territory is a place that’s not for the faint of heart. It’s an Australian stereotype come to life, with scorching sun, the unforgiving deserts of The Outback, and nasties lurking around every corner. If the snakes don’t get you, the crocs just might. If that thought doesn’t terrify you, you might be a […]

Many coastal tourist destinations around the world invite visitors to swim with seals and dolphins, but you’ll need to travel to Tonga if you hope to swim with whales. The South Pacific nation is known as The Friendly Islands, and its humpback whales are just as genial as the natives. More than 160 of the […]