Staying Safe in Australia – Tips for Dealing with Deadly Wildlife Down Under

in Australia

Australia has a reputation as a dangerous destination, with creepy crawlies and biting monsters around every corner.

But you needn’t worry about the snakes, spiders, sharks and other nasties Down Under if you follow some simple advice.

Australia is home to the ten deadliest snakes in the world, including the fierce snake, commonbrown, and taipan. If you’re visiting Australia’s cities though, such as Perth, the only place you’ll come across them in the zoo. If you’re venturing into Australia’s rural areas though, make sure you always wear closed shoes. As Australia’s snakes are timid, they are likely to slither away from harm once they hear your footsteps. If you do see a snake though, it’s important to stay still. They will only attack if they feel threatened, so wait until they pass before continuing your journey.

Spiders are less of a concern in Australia, with only the funnelweb and redback varieties considered dangerous. However, all Australian spiders have venom and are capable of giving a nasty bite! To ensure you’re not a victim, always shake your shoes before putting them on. Covered footwear is advisable when walking outside, particularly at night. Don’t leave towels and clothes on the floor, as spiders are known to settle inside them.

A fierce snake, the deadliest snake in the world

A fierce snake, the deadliest snake in the world

Do not let the risk of a shark attack stop you from enjoying Australia’s beautiful beaches. Most major beaches have shark nets installed to prevent swimmers from coming face to face with these ocean predators. By sticking to patrolled areas, and obeying instructions from the lifeguards, you are likely to stay safe.

Crocodiles are also not a threat in most parts of Australia. While salties and freshwater crocs are common in the Northern Territory and the northernmost tip of Queensland, they do not live in Australia’s most common tourist areas. Crocodile habitats in these locations are often signposted, but when in doubt tourists should resist the urge for a dip. Public beaches and waterholes are the best places to cool off up north.

As a rule, Australia’s animals should be admired from a safe distance. While some spiders, snakes, and other creatures are not dangerous it’s best to err on the side of caution. Attacks and injuries from Australia’s native wildlife are rare. However, if you are in trouble call the emergency services number 000 from any phone immediately.

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