Swim with Whales in Tonga – South Pacific Adventure with Gentle Giants of the Sea

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Many coastal tourist destinations around the world invite visitors to swim with seals and dolphins, but you’ll need to travel to Tonga if you hope to swim with whales.

The South Pacific nation is known as The Friendly Islands, and its humpback whales are just as genial as the natives. More than 160 of the marine mammals return to Tonga’s calm waters each year to mate. They stay there until their babies are born, nursing them in the warm Pacific waters before returning to polar oceans.

WhaleSwim is Tonga’s premiere whale experience company. Owner Rae Gill was inspired to create the business after meeting her first humpback whale off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Along with a team of conservationists, a marine biologist, and wildlife photographers, she leads three, four, seven and nine-day snorkeling tours. This crew of ecotourism experts ensures the expeditions are run with whale conservation in mind.

During the tours you’ll learn a lot about the humpback whales, both from the guides and from your own up-close interaction with them. You’ll hear their famous songs through a hydrophone on the tour boat, and take home video footage of your time on the tour as a souvenir. This is the kind of footage you’ll want to show your friends!

The magnificent humpack whale

The magnificent humpack whale

The tours are a little expensive, with the short three-day option costing $600 AUS. However, with expeditions restricted to a maximum of 12 people, and five on the photography expeditions, you are guaranteed to receive a quality experience. This price also includes airport transfers, all meals and accommodation at the Hilltop Hotel and Blue Lagoon Resort.

WhaleSwim Adventures conducts tours between late July and the middle of October.

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