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When the slog of the working week gets you down, it’s easy to fantasize about getting away from it all by browsing When the slog of the working week gets you down, it’s easy to fantasize about getting away from it all by browsing through some of the best travel websites online. That’s definitely what […]

Wondering how the fall will shape up when it comes to travel deals? Well, as you may know fall is the slowest time for the airline industry. It is the time when most people stay at home since holiday travel plans are already in place, and travel has cooled off from summer. This fall, airlines […]

When the Internet first took hold of the travel industry, we were introduced to websites such as Expedia and Priceline. Now, the web is full of related sites, bombarding consumers with travel deals available on Travelocity, Travelzoo, Orbitz, Hotwire,, and a number of plentiful others. These travel deal websites provide consumers with enough information […]

As Labor Day approaches we are left wondering if the incredible travel deals of summer will keep coming or, if we’ll see a spike in deals like the $39 each way offered by Southwest this summer. After a little bit of research, here is was the travel experts at FrugalMonkey have turned up: Fall is […]

Want to know what’s going on in the travel industry this week? Well, look no further. FrugalMonkey is here with all the latest information for travelers with this week’s Travel Industry News. Traveling With a Pet? As you may or may not have heard, Pet Airways is the newest airline and it’s just for pets. […]

It seems that every week travel deals are getting better and better. Online booking services, agents, airlines, hotels and even some restaurants are trying everything they can to get people excited about travel. The result for passengers is some of the lowest travel deals and vacation packages in years. The next turn in an effort […]

Propel Media has just launched a new travel site. What makes this new site so unique is that the content is user generated and mirrors what looks much more like a social media platform rather than a site dedicated to travel deals. What visitors will find on the site is the ability to post travel […]

Do you do a lot of domestic travel? Do you bring your pets? Are you tired of airlines that require your pets to travel as cargo? Well, for all you pet loving travelers out there, a new airline just might have the solution. PetAirways, the official airline for pets, is expected to launch this July. […]

If you needed more conventional reasons to travel to South Africa you might think about it’s gorgeous cities, beautiful coastlines, romantic plains and South Africa’s famous wine country; all good reasons to go on a vacation to South Africa. Animal lovers and adventure seekers are common visitors to South Africa because of the variety in […]

Sunsets over the water, casino night, excellent entertainment and amazing excursions. These are just a few of the things people think about when they imagine their next cruise. With the cruise ship industry growing steadily you can now access, Alaska, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand and even Antarctica by cruise ship. Anywhere you […]