The Need for Travel Agents

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When the Internet first took hold of the travel industry, we were introduced to websites such as Expedia and Priceline.

Now, the web is full of related sites, bombarding consumers with travel deals available on Travelocity, Travelzoo, Orbitz, Hotwire,, and a number of plentiful others. These travel deal websites provide consumers with enough information and travel deals from major companies that many people don’t see the need to consult travel agencies for help when booking vacations. After all, there is already plenty of information available online. For many consumers, the ease with which deals are readily available simply translates into that many more deals. There are others however, that disagree.

It seems that there are a number of consumers growing uneasy and discontented with the way the Internet approaches travel. One savvy traveler put it, “there is more information online, but less value.” There is a growing trend among travelers to go back to relying on travel agents. While they see the online deals as helpful for some, many consumers believe it is hard to tell what options you have because there is simply such an overwhelming amount of information.

Since this study, there has been a growing trend in the use of travel agents.

These employees are educated on what is available and what is not, when it comes to a specific travel deal, airline, or Mexico cruise vacation. As a result a larger number of people have gone back to using travel agents instead of fighting the labyrinth of information and supposed travel “deals” available online.

If you’re sick of trying to work your way through the maze of travel information online, you’re not alone. It seems that people want to go back to one-on-one communication with an agent, rather then 20-30 page loads and hoards of flight clicks.

What do you think? Are you happy with your online travel needs or do you find yourself overwhelmed and not impressed?

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