Travel Auction Sites Drop Booking Fees

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It seems that every week travel deals are getting better and better. Online booking services, agents, airlines, hotels and even some restaurants are trying everything they can to get people excited about travel. The result for passengers is some of the lowest travel deals and vacation packages in years. The next turn in an effort to increase travel comes from Travelocity and Orbitz. These two popular travel auction sites are dropping their booking fees which can cost customers as much as $5-$12 each time they book. Orbitz and Travelocity follow Expedia who has already foregone booking fees in hopes of roping in more travelers. This means even greater savings for travelers who use these travel auction sites and makes both international and domestic travel deals that much more attractive to people purchasing online.

What’s the next deal in the travel world? We have our eyes peeled and will be the first to let you know.

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