Book the trip of a lifetime and travel to South Africa for the World Cup

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If you needed more conventional reasons to travel to South Africa you might think about it’s gorgeous cities, beautiful coastlines, romantic plains and South Africa’s famous wine country; all good reasons to go on a vacation to South Africa.

Animal lovers and adventure seekers are common visitors to South Africa because of the variety in what it offers to travelers. Baboons are famous in South Africa as is the Great White Shark, which brings in thousands of adventure extremists to boat off the South African coast or go shark diving in infested waters. Wildlife game reserves provide visitors with the chance to see black rhinos, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest on one of the many tours in William Pretorius Game Reserve, a favorite amongst visiting tourists. For a more luxurious vacation South Africa hardly disappoints, as wine lovers roam the vineyards on sunny afternoons taking in the fine varieties that make up South Africa’s booming wine industry. These are just a few of the things awaiting you on a South African vacation of normal sorts and, right now travelers are enjoying new routes from the United States and Europe at low costs when you travel South African Airways.

There is however, something buzzing underneath the normal excitement felt by vacationers on a trip to South Africa. The 2010 World Cup will be taking place in June as nearly one million travelers visit Johannesburg. The city is pulsing with preparations and anxiousness in the responsibility of housing certainly, the world’s biggest sporting event of the year. Next year, potentially 36 teams will represent the world’s most popular sport in the biggest World Cup yet. For soccer fanatics, sport lovers and travel extremists, the fusion of South African travel and the love of soccer is a combination that is hard to beat.

Johannesburg hotels and accommodations are already filling up in preparation for the world event.

If you’re thinking of attending, you will need to book your tickets (both flights and hotels) as far in advance as possible. Additionally, coming to see the World Cup is an excellent chance to enjoy South African travel. So as Johannesburg prepares for the influx of tourists, the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in cooperation with FIFA and Match Hospitality group are putting together vacation packages that include World Cup tickets and South African travel highlights. With packages suitable for all types of budgets, planning to attend the 2010 World Cup and travel South Africa has never been more facilitating. That is why in addition to hotels, lodges and other more traditional means of accommodations, guest houses, large dorm-style sleeping and other arrangements will be available for last minute travelers or those with a smaller travel budget.

Travel fanatics and sports lovers alike will be taking over South Africa come mid-May and June as the 2010 World Cup goes underway. Think about the amazing memories awaiting you as you enjoy South African travel and and a world wide sporting event. Cheer your home country along, or jump on board with the millions of South Africans who are proud and excited to host not only the World Cup, but the thousands of travelers coming to visit their country.

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