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As Labor Day approaches we are left wondering if the incredible travel deals of summer will keep coming or, if we’ll see a spike in deals like the $39 each way offered by Southwest this summer.

After a little bit of research, here is was the travel experts at FrugalMonkey have turned up:

Fall is of course the slowest time of year for travelers, which lends itself to good upcoming travel deals. Low activity in the travel industry means airlines propose deals to increase travel among passengers. However, airlines have also just recently announced that they will be cutting back on flights in order to cut costs, which have continued to cause a loss in profits due to the recent economic slump. The result are less flights offered, which alternatively means less open seats and a loss in travel deals. Travel experts suggest however, that there will still be great deals popping up from time to time, and hotels are likely to continue offering excellent deals. However, as airlines can’t seem to recover from the recent dip in travel profits, they will be cutting flights back entirely. Stay tuned for more info and travel deals from FrugalMonkey.

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