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Want to know what’s going on in the travel industry this week? Well, look no further. FrugalMonkey is here with all the latest information for travelers with this week’s Travel Industry News.

Traveling With a Pet?

As you may or may not have heard, Pet Airways is the newest airline and it’s just for pets. Owners scoot over, because the pets have taken to the skies! This new airline, which has just recently completed its first flights in the New York area, is the first and only airline for pets. Instead of seats, there are crates where dogs and cats are secured and attended to by airline staff. Pet owners can relax knowing that their pets aren’t subject to air pressure changes and other perils of having pets in the cargo area. If you want to pamper your pet, buy them a seat on this airline.


Bing, is the latest discount airfare search engine and it operates a lot like FareCaster. It indicates whether flight prices are likely to go up or down and shows you when to buy the cheapest and best flights. Its new release, just a few weeks ago took the travel industry by storm, posing questions from travelers who were wondering if Bing had what it takes to please the masses. According the New York Times, Bing is better than Google and travelers seem to agree. Check it out!

Cheap Travel

Yes, the economy is still in a lull and yes – that means travel is still cheap.

With all that money you’re saving on airfare dish out some cash for a new tent or backpack. Check out FrugalMonkey’s page on buying cheap travel gear.

LOW Flights to Australia

This one had us reeling. A year ago a flight from LAX to Brisbane would have cost you nearly $2,000 roundtrip. This year? Try $700. That’s right. Book on Qantas and save thousands on flights to Australia. Don’t forget about FrugalMonkey’s free online travel guide to Australia. It’s the only way to see the outback.

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