A New Travel Option For Pet Owners

in Travel News

Do you do a lot of domestic travel? Do you bring your pets? Are you tired of airlines that require your pets to travel as cargo?

Well, for all you pet loving travelers out there, a new airline just might have the solution. PetAirways, the official airline for pets, is expected to launch this July.

Passengers who travel with airlines find that many airlines require pets to travel as cargo. This consistently put pets under stressful flying situations. Temperature, pressure and long flights put undue stress on pets that occasionally, succumb to psychological and physical damage. With PetAirways, travelers can rest easy knowing that their pet is in a temperature and pressure controlled flying situation with experts in animal care. What makes this possible? Kennel crates instead of seats and animal caretakers instead of flight attendants.

Inaugural flights will cost pet owners around $140 and should hover around $250 each way once the airline is running consistently. It could cost you a lot less then car rental prices for the same distance, or paying cargo fees for flights. It’s worth looking into and we think, a pretty cute idea.

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