Free Snacks at Japan’s Harimaya Station Cafes

in Japan

Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Clearly they’ve never visited one of Harimaya Station’s free cafés!

The concept was developed by one of Japan’s leading snack food companies, Harimaya Honten.

It might seem daft for the brand to give away their treats, but it’s a great way of spreading word about the label’s tasty snacks and generating positive publicity.

You won’t find enough free grub here to fill up but the complimentary coffee, green tea, juice, and Japanese rice crackers, known as okaki and senbei, will satisfy you between meals. So save your yen and eat up! The traditional crackers will definitely hit the spot during a busy day of sightseeing in Japan!

There are seven Harimaya Station cafes in Japan: two in Tokyo, one in Fukuoka’s Hakata Mitsui Building, one in Osaka’s NM Plaza Midosuji Building, one in Kobe’s Daido Seimei Kobe Building, one in Nagoya’s CentRise Sakae Building, and one in Kyoto. The cafes are open daily between 10 am and 7 pm. Harimaya Honten also plans to take the concept abroad, so look out for Harimaya Station cafes in Paris and New York soon!

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