Buy the Best Japanese Souvenirs – How to Spend Your Yen

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Japan is a mecca for shopping addicts, with a range of unique items for tourists of all budgets. But what are the best Japanese souvenirs to take home?

Here we look at the best ways to spend your yen.

Ceramics are one of Japan’s oldest art forms, so a tea ceremony bowl or glazed vase makes a special memento of your stay. It’s possible to spend a small fortune on fine Bizen Ware from Inbe, but cheap ceramics are also available from gift shops and department stores.

The hand-dyed silks and soft cottons of Japanese clothes can find a special space in any wardrobe. Indulge in a kimono or tailored suit from Japan, or enjoy the savings on casual clothes at the retail outlets. Just remember that Japanese sizing tends to run small, so it’s best to try your garment before paying for it.

Japanese paper is something to behold, with its bright colors and flecks of flower petals or wood. It’s used to make the umbrellas, fans, and mobiles sold at many craft and gift shops, or bundled with brushes in calligraphy sets. Some authentic Japanese paper is just the thing for trying your hand at origami.

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Map of Japan

While Japanese history is rich, the country also shows it’s on the cutting edge with its impressive range of high-tech gadgets. The electronic districts of Akihabara in Tokyo and Den Den Town in Osaka are the best places to find all the gizmos you can imagine, and a few you probably haven’t. You can buy the products new, or save at one of the second-hand dealers. Just remember to check the compatibility to ensure you can use your new toy when you return home!

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