Cheap Shopping in Japan at 100 Yen Stores

in Japan

If you want your yen to go further in Japan, you shouldn’t miss the country’s 100 Yen shops.

There are several different 100 Yen store chains in Japan, including Daiso, Watts, Seria, and Cando. Each one offers a hodge-podge of products, all selling for the bargain price of just 100 yen. That’s only a little more than one US cent!

As you can imagine, we’re not talking about high end goods here, or items of exceptional quality. That old saying that you get what you pay for often holds true. However, the range of apparel, home wares, toys, and stationery is impressive. You’ll find dirt cheap travel essentials, including batteries, toiletries, and snacks. The 100 Yen stores are also great places for stocking up on Hello Kitty and Pokemon goodies and other cheap Japanese souvenirs for friends and coworkers back home!

Just be aware that your purchases will generally be subject to a consumption tax of around 5%, to be applied at the cash register. But even with this additional cost, the stores’ goods are still bargains!

Look for 100 Yen stores in Japan’s shopping malls and arcades, and near subway stations.

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