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Whenever we’re traveling long distances, most of us prepare to board an airplane. We arrive at our destination in a timely fashion, although our bank balance tends to suffer. However there’s a better, and more affordable way to travel around Japan. Tourists in the know prefer to stay on the ground, and on the Shinkansen Bullet Train.

The Shinkansen is the crowning achievement in Japan’s very efficient rail system. It’s renowned for being punctual, safe, and incredibly fast; all factors which have helped it become one of the most popular long distance transport options in Japan.

Since their inception almost four decades ago, the bullet trains have carried more than six billion passengers. The trains travel at more than 300 kilometers per hour, yet they have never been involved in a serious accident.

Tickets are available from ticket machines or counters at bullet train stations. The platforms are marked with carriage numbers so you’ll know exactly where you need to board. The entire process is very simple, and far quicker than boarding an aircraft.

Up to ten bullet trains run each hour between the two most popular stations of Tokyo and Osaka. If you miss one train it can be as little as three minutes before the next one comes along. The trains also ferry tourists to other major cities including Kyushu, Nagoya, and Fukushima.

The bullet trains are very comfortable, with lots of leg room, modern toilets, and a choice of smoking and non-smoking carriages. A snack service allows patrons to purchase food, soft drink, and alcohol, or you could grab something from one of the train’s vending machines.

Shinkansen Bullet Trains

Shinkansen Bullet Trains

Sometimes airlines discount their fares, and this can make air travel a more affordable option. However, beware of nasty taxes and charges that push the price up. And then there are the other factors, including the bullet train’s comfort and the convenient location of its stations. When all is considered, it’s easy to see why the Shinkansen Bullet Train is such a popular way to get around Japan.

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