Explore Fiji’s Islands with JetSki Safari Adventure Tours

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It’s very easy to spend your time in Fiji lolling about on the beach and drinking too many cocktails.

But if you want more out of your Oceanic getaway, consider gearing up for a JetSki Safari adventure.

This is a far cry from an African safari experience; rather than wild animals you’ll see some of the smaller, lesser known islands around Fiji’s Coral Coast. And rather than a jeep, your vehicle will be a high-tech Yamaha jet ski. These large aquatic vehicles can comfortable seat up to three passengers, and carry personal belongings and some snorkeling gear.

Where many tours are rigidly structured, the team at JetSki Safari wants you to explore their island paradise at your own pace. If you like the look of an area you can jump off your jet ski and strap on your snorkeling mask. These remote locations are blessedly free of tourists, so you can interact with the local fish without the crowds.

jet ski fiji photo

The national flag of Fiji

If you’ve never operated a jet ski before, don’t be concerned. Fijian waters are calm, and the skis are very user friendly. A full safety briefing in the morning will help you gain confidence before getting out on the water.

Four-hour JetSki Safari Tours cost FJD $230 per person, twin share. This price includes sight-seeing with a tour guide, snorkeling equipment hire, and lunch on a deserted island beach. The tours leave from Pacific Harbor, a three-hour drive from the Fijian capital of Nadi.

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